Participation Conditions

  • Artists and art students from around the world are welcome to Participate in the first edition of the Matchbox Biennale taking place in Natthagen, located in Julussdalen, south-east of Norway.
  • Entries are accepted from February 1. 2023 until January 31. 2024. Packages postmarked April 29. 2024 will be accepted.
  • An exhibition will show the work of the participants, from the beginning of June until the end of August 2024.
  • A specialised jury will be going thru all applications and thus choosing the participant artists and curating the exhibition.
  • The program of the first edition of the Matchbox Biennale (2024) will be published as soon as possible.
  • All techniques and materials are welcome, as far as the artwork fits in or around a matchbox (see how).
  • For bigger projects such as installations, land art and site specific art projects, don’t hesitate to take contact and explain your idea or project).
  • The attendance of the participant artists is optional.
  • Each artist can apply with three works and each work will be juried individually. Remember to include the gallery provision in the selling price when you fill the application. Set the price to zero if he work is not for sale.
  • While you are filling the online application, remember that the photos you are going to upload should be 72 dpi and showing the work properly (a white background is advisable). These same photos will be featured in our online catalogue.
  • Once your works are juried in, a participation fee of EUR 40 (Europe), EUR 55 (outside Europe) or NOK 400 (inside Norway) will be charged by application (up to 3 works). The fee covers jury, administrative costs and the sending back of the works.
    The payment is not refundable.
  • Payment details:

       The Matchbox Biennale
Bank Name: Sparebank 1 Østlandet
Account Number: 18135591862
IBAN: NO1018135591862

  • Artworks should be then sent to the following address:
       The Matchbox Biennale
       Linnerudvegen 100
       2410 - Hernes
       NORGE - NORWAY 
  • Remember to attach a copy of the application, a copy of your payment receipt and a Proforma Invoice (if you are sending from outside Norway) with your sending.
    (A Proforma Invoice is a declaration form from the post/customs, that assure that the sending is a subject of exhibition and will be returned to the country where it came from).
  • Important: Set the value of your sending to “zero” and the content to: “paper”. Packages with declared amounts will risk to be stopped by the customs and returned back to the sender directly from there for the costs of the sender.
  • Applications received with no payment will be ignored.
  • By applying, the artist is automatically granting the Matchbox Biennale the permission to promote his or her own artworks on social media, the internet as well as any other marketing form.
  • The address given by the artist in the application will be considered to be the returning address where artworks will be sent back after the exhibition period.
  • Gallery provision will be 35% on sold artworks (included taxes).
  • Unsold artworks will be sent back to the artists within 3 months of the biennale closing date at the expense of the organizer.